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Daily Bulletin
Tuesday, 5/8/2018

​GOOD MORNING BENGALS!  It’s a Great Day at Woodlake Valley Middle School.


Good Morning Bengals!  Please stand for the flag salute and remain standing for the morning announcements.  Hand over your heart, eye on a star, showing respect the entire time; ready; SALUTE  

Today’s Brunch:  Cheese stick, graham, fresh apple, and fruit juice.


Today’s Lunch:  Frito boat with beans, diced onion, jalapenos, fresh garden salad with Bar W ranch dressing, and rowdy mixed fruit. 


We are on an even schedule today.  You will go to periods 2, 4, 6, and 8.


Bengal Baseball fought hard at home against Three Rivers yesterday.  Top hitters were Andres Rodriguez, CJ Ray, Junior Cervantes, Kyle Finney, Regan Henderson and Daniel Lopez.  Cervantes and Ray shared pitching duties for the Bengals. The Bengals will play at home on Wednesday against Lemon Cove.  Come out and support our players in what will likely be the final home game of the season. 

Varsity softball broke a last inning tie to beat Three Rivers yesterday at home.  All the girls played hard and it was a team victory.  Good luck tomorrow as you finish your season at home against Sequoia Union.

Attention Builders Club Kids!! Please see Mrs. Hengst if you are going to walk downtown with her to get donations for our Blue Star Moms campaign. She has some cool shirts for us to wear as we are collecting. Come see her at brunch and get your shirt. Again, Builders Club kids who are going downtown today, see Mrs. Hengst at brunch to get your cool Blue Star Mom shirts!!!

Hey, peace-out y'all!! Happy Farmer v. Hippie Day!! Come on out to the quad for some groovy, downhome games! Win PRIDE cards, prizes and grade level points. We'll see you at lunch today!

Hey y'all tomorrow's Western Week day is Farm Animal Day!! So wear a solid yellow shirt (for a chicken), all pink (for a pig), black & white (for a dairy cow), brown (for a horse), etc. or better yet, wear a shirt that has a farm animal on it!! We'll have some farm animals on campus and you can participate in some fun lunchtime games. We'll be in the Outback for tomorrow under the shade. So we'll see you all at Farm Animal Day tomorrow! YEE-HAW!! 

Are you bringing your donations for the Central Valley Blue Star Mom's Donation Drive?  Donations will be collected in your 1st period class until May 18th, that’s only 2 more weeks. Look for posters on the bulletin boards and your classrooms for a list of requested items from our service members.  Keep the donations coming Bengals.

Thank you Bengals and have a great day at Woodlake Valley Middle School where we show PRIDE

Upcoming Events:

5/1    Varsity & JV Softball/Baseball at Farmersville Jr. HS

5/1    Staff Meeting

5/3    Varsity Softball/Baseball at Pioneer MS, Porterville

5/7    Varsity Softball/Baseball vs. Three Rivers MS

5/9    Band Pictures

5/9    Varsity Softball/Baseball vs. Sequoia Union, Lemon Cove

5/9    SSC Meeting

5/10  Spring Sports Pictures

5/10  SPED To Mooney Grove Park/Quantum Leap

5/11  Ste-up Art Showcase, ASP Building

5/15  Softball/Baseball League Tournament

5/16  GATE College Trip

5/24  Open Gym – Volleyball

5/24  Spring Band Concert

5/29  Open Gym – Volleyball

5/31  Open Gym – Volleyball

5/31  Choir Concert, PAB



7th Grade TDap Immunization Requirement

6 years ago


AB354 Requires Tdap Shot for 7th Graders

 For the 2012-2013 school year, and all future school years, all students entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization (called “Tdap”) for school in the fall. This requirement applies to all public and private schools. The new requirement was signed into law in 2010.

In 2010, California experienced its worst outbreak of pertussis in more than half a century, with more than 9,000 confirmed cases and 10 infant deaths. The new immunization requirement is intended to help reduce the spread of whooping cough among California’s youth. Most children are fully protected prior to entering kindergarten because of the DTaP vaccine, a vaccine made for younger children. However, protection to these diseases wears off and preteens and teens may be at risk for catching this dangerous disease without a booster.


The Tdap requirement affects all incoming 7th grade students in California, so it’s important to avoid the back-to-school rush and to get our children vaccinated now. Tell other parents with children in the 6th grade about the requirement and encourage them to schedule the shot early, before summer.


Remember, in addition to the Tdap booster, there are several important vaccines recommended for preteens and teens including the meningococcal vaccine, a second chickenpox shot (if they never had chickenpox disease), and the HPV vaccine series. Everyone older than six months old is recommended to receive a seasonal flu vaccine.


The California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Education have been working collaboratively on this important measure. Information on the new Tdap requirement, including information on where to get free or low cost vaccines, forms, and FAQs are available at


Based on article submitted by the California Immunization Coalition


Sun-Gazette Campus Correspondents

6 years ago

Students, want to see your face in the news?!  Or read your name in a headline?!  Become a Sun-Gazette Campus Correspondent!

We here at the Sun-Gazette Newspaper want to know what’s happening on your campus! From student of the month recipients to award winning clubs to Homecoming, your accomplishments deserve to be shared with the community.  Parents and school staff are also welcome to submit items.   Submit any information you think is newsworthy along with pictures (if you have them) and students/staff names by fax, email or by mail. Lengthy written content should be in Word or .doc format.  Please list your contact information in case we need more information and indicate if you want your photos returned.

Here are some ideas for things we're looking for, though feel free to submit info or pictures concerning something that is not on the list:

1. Student Awards
2. Fundraising Events
3. School Carnivals and/or Fairs
4. Clubs, Athletic and/or Group Events
5. Academic Awards Recipients
6. Student Special Community Service Projects
7. Special Guest Speakers and/or Visitors
8. Carreer Days
9. College Workshops
10. Band and/or Choral Events

Here are the ways that you can submit information and photo(s):

Deadline for submitting is Monday at noon before each issue (we publish every Wednesday).

Email to or fax to 592-4308 (Attention: Education Section).

When sending information such as award winners, please send in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.  Photos should be sent in jpeg (.jpg) format.
The best way to send photos is in their original size from your camera or at a high resolution (200 dpi) and be sure to include all caption information (names, ages, etc.)
Due to having a limited amount of space, it may take up to a few weeks to see your submission printed.  We will print on a "first come, first served" basis.  For more information call 592-3171.

We appreciate you taking the time and energy to submit any item!


Mo Montgomery