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Sun-Gazette Campus Correspondents

Students, want to see your face in the news?!  Or read your name in a headline?!  Become a Sun-Gazette Campus Correspondent!

We here at the Sun-Gazette Newspaper want to know what’s happening on your campus! From student of the month recipients to award winning clubs to Homecoming, your accomplishments deserve to be shared with the community.  Parents and school staff are also welcome to submit items.   Submit any information you think is newsworthy along with pictures (if you have them) and students/staff names by fax, email or by mail. Lengthy written content should be in Word or .doc format.  Please list your contact information in case we need more information and indicate if you want your photos returned.

Here are some ideas for things we're looking for, though feel free to submit info or pictures concerning something that is not on the list:

1. Student Awards
2. Fundraising Events
3. School Carnivals and/or Fairs
4. Clubs, Athletic and/or Group Events
5. Academic Awards Recipients
6. Student Special Community Service Projects
7. Special Guest Speakers and/or Visitors
8. Carreer Days
9. College Workshops
10. Band and/or Choral Events

Here are the ways that you can submit information and photo(s):

Deadline for submitting is Monday at noon before each issue (we publish every Wednesday).

Email to or fax to 592-4308 (Attention: Education Section).

When sending information such as award winners, please send in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.  Photos should be sent in jpeg (.jpg) format.
The best way to send photos is in their original size from your camera or at a high resolution (200 dpi) and be sure to include all caption information (names, ages, etc.)
Due to having a limited amount of space, it may take up to a few weeks to see your submission printed.  We will print on a "first come, first served" basis.  For more information call 592-3171.

We appreciate you taking the time and energy to submit any item!


Mo Montgomery



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